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Congratulations to Explorer of the Year Zuhro Olimova



Homeland Security Investigations Explorer Post 601


HSI Explorer Post 601 joined fellow explorers and high-ranking law enforcement officials across New York City for the 2024 Law Enforcement Exploring Recognition Dinner at Marina del Rey, hosted by the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) and the Greater New York Council's Exploring Program.


This annual event celebrated the dedication and achievements of young explorers. Explorer Acting Sergeant Zuhro Olimova was awarded the Explorer of the Year for her leadership and commitment to the community. Explorer Taha Taha was awarded a scholarship in recognition of his academic achievement. The Post was also honored to receive a bronze award for its 536 hours of community service during 2023.

Acting Special Agent in Charge (A/SAC) Darren McCormack joined the explorers in their celebration. His presence and conversations with the explorers added a touch of motivation and honor to the evening.

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